To be sure, it’s no longer high on my list of things I want to experience in life. Now that I’ve reached my 30s, these old bones (*read in a rickety voice*) don’t heal as quickly, so I try to avoid slippery sidewalks and high cliff drop-offs as much as possible.

But in elementary school, it felt like everyone had broken a bone at least once. Kinda like everyone had to wear braces at some point or learned how to do a cartwheel. They would show up to school with crutches and a bright pink cast, and we would crowd…

I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

That’s the peace, the reassurance I need right now. The Lord has been breaking, breaking this need for constant productivity in me, the striving, the greedy eyes looking at what others are doing or accomplishing or experiencing and comparing my own life to it.

He’s inviting me back into the peace of His Presence and the reassurance that the things that are meant to be mine, He will bring to me.

I don’t have to fall into the mentality of, “If I don’t work hard enough, I won’t get all the good things…

Keren Apura

Full-time vagabond. Writing about things I don’t want to forget.

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